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Before starting any design (even the conceptual design of the product) we make sure we fully understand your specific requirements and the environment in which the product will operate.

Once this understanding is complete and clear performance specifications have been established (which we are pleased to assist in defining), we then commence work on your project, whereby we systematically:

  • analyze possible solutions
  • consider any adverse environmental conditions in which the product might operate
    (i.e. shock, vibration, dirt, temperature variations, moisture, electric or magnetic pollution, etc.)
  • engineer for robust performance
  • address the product's serviceability
  • design for its easy and convenient maintenance
  • build for its long term reliable operation.

This systematic approach has proved to deliver high reliability and outstanding product performance. For instance, the Sawtooth Inspector (VTI), which we designed in 1998 and have been building since in smaller batches for Forintek Canada, has consistently and reliably performed to the demanded 0.0001" measurement accuracy. In other cases, our clients have been able to use and fully operate, in the field, the first prototype we engineered and built for them.

Contact us to take advantage of our total performance warranty:
"We are prepared to manufacture what we design
and to service what we manufacture."

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