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Additionally to comprehensive electro-mechanical prototyping and contract manufacturing services, we offer a wide variety of contract research, development, design and engineering services that include:

Taking advantage of these extensive, varied, and fully integrated design engineering and contract product development services will provide unparalleled benefits to anybody involved in electro-mechanical product development, as explained below.

Multi-Disciplinary Design Engineering Advantage

Remember the old mechanical typewriter? It is long gone ... first replaced by the electrical typewriter, then the typewriter with memory, and now the personal computer with desktop printer. What a change in less than 30 years!

This example is just one of an endless list, demonstrating the integration of mechanical elements, electronics and software in the sophisticated products of today. A multitude of engineering disciplines are required to successfully design and develop most new products.

Traditional Approach

In the past, companies involved in product development were firms that perpetually developed, produced and marketed a product family (eg: sewing machines). These companies typically had large engineering teams that had learned to work seamlessly together to exploit the strengths that each engineering discipline had to offer.

Today, companies tend to be more focused on delivering their product or service. When an opportunity emerges that could be best seized with a new product or a technical process innovation, for a limited period of time, product design and development becomes part of the company's focus.

One route is to develop the desired product or process innovation in-house. But this can be a risky, difficult, costly, and frustrating task. Another route is to outsource the new product development by subcontracting different engineering and prototyping firms in order to cover the many different disciplines required to bring a technical innovation to life. This route can be equally difficult, frustrating and time consuming, as the diverse subcontractors have to be continually coordinated. Additionally, unpleasant "finger pointing" might easily occur, as no particular entity has the full accountability over the end result.

KLN's Multi-Disciplinary Design Engineering and Manufacturing Approach

If the decision is to outsource part or all of the product development, choose KLN KLEIN, a company that:

  • integrates all the knowledge and innovation management resources required to successfully bring to life a well performing product or technical system;
  • takes complete responsibility for the end result;
  • is willing to manufacture what it designs and to service what it manufactures.
Project planning Mechanical subassembly

Early on KLN recognized the benefits to clients of an all encompassing, multi-disciplined approach. Over the last 42 years, we systematically built a full spectrum, multi-disciplinary team of electronic, software and mechanical engineers, technologists, technicians, machinists, and assemblers.

With this integrated team, its own electronic lab, and complete shop for rapid prototyping and small volume manufacturing all under the same roof, KLN has become an ideal resource for companies involved in occasional product development. No running around and need to deal with several subcontractors. KLN takes full responsibility for the end result. You have a single contact point maintaining tight control and coordination of your whole development program, from concept to completion.

To learn more about this highly successful contract product development approach and to see how it can benefit your innovation project contact us with no obligation at 604-530-1491.

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