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Contract Product Development Services

What specific contract product development services does KLN KLEIN offer?
KLN KLEIN is a one-stop product development center set up for integrated, multi-disciplinary design engineering and contract manufacturing of your complete product. We offer the whole spectrum from conceptual electro-mechanical design through all the stages of prototyping and production including electronics, mechanical parts, housing, product assembly and test. For a detailed description of services offered, see our sections Contract Design Engineering Services, Contract Prototyping Services, and Contract Manufacturing Services.

What if we only need help in one specific product development area?
We are organized to deal with involvements from single aspects of a project up to full project management from concept to completion. We provide what you need and want, as an "on call" extension of your team.

Is confidentiality of relevant information maintained?
Yes! We are intent on maintaining our record of 42 years without a breach of client confidentiality. All our staff sign non-disclosure agreements and access to our premises by unauthorized people is limited. We are certainly open to signing non-disclosure agreements to give further assurances to our clients.

In KLN's engineering department
In KLN's shop
In KLN's shop

How do you deal with intellectual property?
The client owns all intellectual property associated with KLN's work upon completion of the development contract. Where applicable, patents will show our involvement as the "inventor", while full ownership and patent rights vest in our client's name.

Why deal with KLN KLEIN?
Short time-to-market, tapping into years of experience with a wide range of products, harmonization of conflicting product demands, discovery and implementation of the best overall solution, and the result meeting or exceeding client performance specifications are most often mentioned by our clients. For a detailed overview of the advantages our multi-disciplinary design engineering and development services offer click here.

How long have you been in business?
KLN KLEIN was founded in 1981 and has since continuously and successfully assisted clients in diverse industries with their technical product or process innovation. Our news section gives a chronological overview of how KLN KLEIN evolved with the clear mandate to assist innovative companies succeed in developing and producing quality and high-performance technology products for their business success.

How can I gain a fast overview of products designed and manufactured by KLN KLEIN for other clients?
Our portfolio presents a cross section of the diversity of projects we have been entrusted with and which are not bound under confidentiality.

Where is KLN KLEIN located?
Our offices, engineering department, electronics lab, machine shop, assembly and testing facilities are all under one roof in Langley, B.C., centrally located in the Lower Mainland, just 25 miles (40km) east of Vancouver and only minutes from the US border.

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