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Contract Design Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Services

Experience new horizons in product development and cut your product design and development time in half through professional, integrated multi-disciplinary engineering, rapid prototyping, and contract manufacturing services. Our extensive expertise and full spectrum of in-house resources are integrated under one roof... Project planning

... creating technical solutions for your company's continued success!

KLN offers conceptual design, electrical engineering, software development, mechanical design, systems integration, rapid prototyping, and custom manufacturing of your complete product, high-tech system, or instrument assisting you to successfully develop new products or to improve on existing ones.

The KLN team of engineers, technicians, machinists, fabricators, and assemblers supports your team in specific areas, or takes care of every aspect of the development, from concept to finished and ready-to-sell product. We can also commission, install, and service your product.


KLN has an extensive variety of in-house resources, equipment and machines. Its engineering department and lab is equipped for hardware and software development, mechanical CAD design, solid modelling, SMT and conventional circuit board assembly. Its machine shop is set up for complete prototyping, including traditional metal machining, sheet metal fabrication, thermoforming, injection molding, advanced plastics casting, powder coating, spray painting, and more.

Benefits of this holistic product development approach include:

  • Short time-to-market;
  • Implementation of the best overall solution;
  • Early identification and correction of potential development problems;
  • Harmonization of conflicting product requirements;
  • Total performance warranty.

We are positioned to manufacture what we design and to service what we manufacture.

Please check out our Portfolio to get an overview of the diversity of projects undertaken and the way we have assisted and benefited clients in different industries that have outsourced their product design and development to us.

To gain an overview of some of the latest projects and company developments not bound under confidentiality agreements, please visit our News and Media section.

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Contract Design Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Services
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