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Please note that the product development projects shown below are not a complete recount of all the projects undertaken by KLN for diverse clients. Many more are part of our portfolio. Certain ones will be only shown and talked about once it is OK with the respective client, and no conflict with confidentiality issues can arise.

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Blister De-nesting Equipment Electronic Sensing Head Custom PCB Disassembly Jig Guitar String Pickup Response Tester
Bicycle Locker Security Upgrade Communications Kiosk Reinforcement Ticket Vending Machine Upgrade High Security Parking Meter
3D-Image Acquisition System Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console High Density Input/Output Interface Modules Special Dehumidifier for Boats
Saw tooth Inspector Electronic Abacus Lumber Profiler Aerial Survey Computer
Ticket Printer Parking Meter Controller Chlorine Analyzer Parking Meter Coin Release Actuator
Acrylic Paper Cassette Power Supply Securing Latch for Train
Claims Processing System Robotic System Chemical Analyzer Swivel Base Scanner Holder Ticketing Kiosk
Spinning Machine Upgrade Loyalty Program Kiosk Parking Meter Control Electronics Christmas Promotion Kiosk
Infrared Camera Calibration Database Marketing and Loyalty System Vibration Isolation Platform
Digital Mini Scale Mall Walk Kiosk Sensor Calibration System Project to be announced soon

KLN serves clients in very diverse industries that include the retail, manufacturing, vending, electronic, chemical, aviation, transportation, health, movie, television, and lumber industry, just to name a few. We work to the high standards demanded by Transport Canada and are willing to manufacture what we design and to service what we manufacture.

To discuss your project with us, at no obligation, and to find out how outsourcing your engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to us can benefit your project, call us at 604-530-1491.

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