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Aerial Survey Computer

Picture of helicopter with aerial survey computer. Click to see larger Image

ASC AVCAN Systems Corp. - Vancouver, BC

Client's Request:
To participate in the engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing of an airborne data acquisition platform for the collection of video and thermal images that are synchronized with the position and spatial orientation of the aircraft. The enclosure system has to shelter the technology hardware from shock, vibration, moisture, dust, and high temperatures. Additionally it has to prevent electromagnetic interference with the aircraft's communication and navigation systems while keeping size and weight of the system to a minimum.

KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual and detailed mechanical design of the primary computer enclosure; engineering revisions of various existing subsystems; design and development of supplementary power supplies and power management circuitry for sensitive cameras and navigation hardware; prototyping and ongoing manufacturing of the product.

Front view picture of aerial survey computer. Click to see larger Image

The seemingly conflicting demands were met through the design of an innovative dual air path heat exchanger structure. This enclosing structure also provides high structural strength at low weight and achieves very effective EMI shielding. With the inside cavity of the enclosure sheltered from dust and moisture, the temperature rise of the inside air over the outside air remains within 10 degrees Celsius at an average heat dissipation of 500 Watts.

The documentation provided by KLN covers mechanical and electrical systems, as well as subsystems and component details. This documentation not only serves prototyping and KLN's ongoing manufacturing, but also supports applications for supplementary aircraft type approvals, as strict adherence to materials and processing standards for the aviation environment is being kept.

Several systems have been sold in the meantime by AVCAN. They are operating in helicopters, primarily to the benefit of utility companies in maintaining timely and accurate information about their power transmission assets.

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