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Vibration Isolation Platform

Complete Vibration Isolation Platform. Click to view larger image.

ASC AVCAN Systems Corp. - Vancouver, BC

Client's Request:
To find very fast a solution for a terrible vibration problem encountered in a specific helicopter while flying an expensive mission for one of their clients with their aerial survey computer.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Analysis of problem, research of possible solutions, conceptual and detailed design of solution, and producing the custom made vibration isolation platform ready for delivery, all within five days from receiving the client's request.

Detailed Outcome:
On a Wednesday afternoon KLN received an urgent call from AVCAN in regards to an unexpected problem they ran into while flying an expensive helicopter mission in Texas. Inside View of the Vibration Isolation Platform. Click to view larger image.

They discovered that the data collected during this mission had been lost due to extreme vibration the aerial survey computer was exposed to in a piston powered helicopter used for this particular mission.

It became evident that a special vibration isolation platform had to be designed in order to "cushion" the aerial survey computer and protect its hard drive from the extreme vibration encountered during the flight.

Particular attention went into calculating the characteristics of the vibration damping elements required. Within a few hours KLN's purchasing department was on the phone trying to find (first locally, then over North America, and finally all over the world) some supplier that could ship immediately these damping elements.

Engineered and Produced Vibration Damping Element. Click to view larger image.

As the search proved to be unsuccessful by the end of the day, the only remaining and feasible solution for this problem was to manufacture these damping elements in house. Additionally, the complete vibration isolation platform was machined, fabricated, powder coated and assembled at KLN's premises within the next days. Particular attention was paid to designing and implementing redundant safe guarding mechanisms to restrain the movement range of the computer in case one of the shock mounts would fail.

By Monday morning it was ready for shipping to Texas, less than five complete days after receiving the client's emergency call! This solution performed to the full satisfaction of our client, who could complete the data acquisition mission on time.

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