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Chlorine Analyzer

Picture of CLOTAN Analyzer. Click to view larger image.

Multifibre Process Limited - Surrey, B.C.

Client's Request:
To manufacture on demand the proprietary chlorine analyzer: CLOTAN II.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Manufacturing of all custom parts including spray painting and silkscreening of the enclosure and complete assembly and test of the instrument.

Detailed Outcome:
Over a period of five years a number of batches of the Clotan II analyzers were manufactured for the client. This included:

  • the procurement of off-the-shelf parts,
  • custom machining and fabricating of a number of other items pertaining to the chassis and the photometer assembly,
  • preparing and painting the NEMA 4 rated enclosure,
  • final assembly,
  • and testing.
  Machined Lower Adaptor Block. Click to view larger image.   Custom Manufactured Photometer Block. Click to view larger image.  

Multifibre Process Limited sells this product to pulp and paper mills worldwide.

Assembly of 10 Chlorine Analyzers at KLN's Premises.  Click to view larger image.

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