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Digital Mini Scale

Picture of Digital Mini Scale. Click to view larger image.

Gram Precision Scales, Inc. - Mississauga, Ontario

Client's Request:
To design and prototype a digital scale that would not be any larger than a specific, very small and popular analog scale available on the market and that would allow for a resolution down to 0.01g.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual and detailed design as well as prototyping of the mini-scale using a cost effective 3D printing technique called FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) also known as FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).

Detailed Outcome:
An inexpensive yet accurate measurement principle was identified which has widely been used in industrial measurement equipment. This principle was adapted and the mini-scale designed around components available at cost levels conducive to mass production.

  Picture of the Mini Scale's Balance Beam.  Click to view larger image   Load Bucket Just Being Inserted into the Balance Beam. Click to view larger image.  

The photos highlight that there are very few parts associated with the product, keeping its cost low. At the same time, auto shut-off, zeroing or taring functions, as well as metric and imperial measurements are being supported.

Analog Scale as Sent by the Client (Back) and Newly Developed Digital Mini-Scale (Front). Click to view larger image.

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