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3D-Image Acquisition System

Prototype of 3D-Image Acquisition System.  Click to view larger image.

Generation II Orthotics Inc. - Richmond, B.C.

Client's Request:
To develop a 3D-image acquisition system that would substitute the need for plaster castings in the orthotics industry.

KLN's Contribution:
Scientific research, conceptual design, detailed electronic, mechanical and optical engineering, firmware development, negotiating the integration of key cutting-edge technologies, complete prototyping of a fully functional unit, including assembly of circuit boards (SMT), wire harness fabrication, production of plastic and CNC parts, final assembly, test and calibration of the instrument, as well as manufacturing of five beta units for market tests.

Up to then the orthotics industry required a plaster cast of a patient's foot in order to be able to properly manufacture a quality insole. Generation II wanted to overcome this messy, time consuming, and costly fabrication process by substituting the physical plaster casting with a photographical 3D-image acquisition that would contain electronically all the required information for the manufacturing of the insole. While laser scanning technology could offer in principle this possibility, it was not considered a solution, as it was too costly for plaster-cast-producing orthotic labs to use.

The biggest challenge in this project was to break the cost barrier of the so-far-available technologies and to fulfill the highly demanding low-cost/high-performance required by our client.

Videometric scanning of a foot with one of the test beta units. Click to view larger image. Within two and a half years of intense research, engineering, and development work, KLN succeeded in producing a fully working prototype of a portable, battery operated, videometric foot scanner that delivers accurate, high-resolution, photo-realistic three dimensional electronic images within seconds. The data stored in the images allows the practitioner to use computer power to make in less time insoles that are more comfortable to wear while avoiding entirely having to deal with messy and space consuming plaster casts.

This revolutionary new 3D-image acquisition system utilizes several cutting edge technologies developed on three different continents (Europe, Asia and Australia) and integrates them with the custom electronics, the firmware and the electro-optical technology developed by KLN.

Peter Klein, President of KLN (right) with Dean Taylor, President of Generation II Orthotics at delivery of the scanner prototype. Click to view larger image.

The desired low-cost/high-performance demand was fully achieved, as this foot scanner can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of a laser scanner (which by the way only delivers point clouds, but no photo quality images). Patents are pending on key pieces developed by KLN.

Shortly after KLN's delivery of the additional five beta units for market tests, Generation II Orthotics Inc. was successfully sold to a fast expanding Icelandic orthotics and prosthetics company.

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