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Parking Meter - Model 400

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Imperial Parking Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To design the mechanical components, the controller circuitry, and the software drivers of a new parking meter that would allow people to pay with coins, bills or credit cards. Additionally the parking meter had to have a display and selection keys, and had to run on battery power uninterrupted for a minimum of three months. KLN was given a total time of only thirteen weeks for electronic and mechanical design, writing of the software drivers, and manufacturing of the first 4 market-ready units.

KLN's Contribution:
Electronic and mechanical design, systems integration and manufacturing of 25 units.

The short time frame for this project resulted in a "beehive" situation at KLN's premises. Having the machine shop and the engineering department under the same roof permitted tight "just-in-time" schedules, despite a number of client requested specification changes while the project was still under way. With one day's delay, the first four parking meters were installed at the required locations. A few months later KLN had delivered another 21 units. This parking meter has been such a success that since then an average of 50 units per month have been installed all over North America.

Ten years after developing this parking meter, Impark contracted KLN KLEIN again to develop, prototype and manufacture the next generation, high-security parking meter for them, while still keeping the Model 400 parking meter serving thousands of parking lots.

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