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High Security Parking Meter

High security parking meter.  Click to view larger image.

Imperial Parking Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To develop a parking meter enclosure for different parking environments with a higher degree of security against vandalism and break-ins.

KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual design, detailed design engineering, systems integration, prototyping and manufacturing of 25 units.

In 1993, KLN had developed for Impark under a very tight deadline of only 13 weeks the first parking meter accepting credit cards. This parking meter was installed at thousands of locations all across North America and is still in use in many parking lots today. In the Fall of 2003, after ten years of resisting most vandalism and break-in attempts, an escalating wave of vicious attacks prompted Imperial Parking to again contract KLN KLEIN to design and manufacture a new parking meter enclosure with significantly higher security features.

Batch manufacturing of internal assemblies for new parking meter.  Click to view larger image. Batch manufacturing of new parking meters.  Click to view larger image. Batch manufacturing of internal assemblies for new parking meter.  Click to view larger image.

The unassuming exterior hides the amount of sophistication engineered into this new parking meter. Pry-points-reducing inboard hinges and several innovative internal interlock mechanisms give this model the sought-after security. It also has provisions for easily implementing future expansions, such as including a solar panel, a backlit advertising board, and a radio modem.

This new parking meter, which is available in the versions "Park & Display" (as shown on the photo), as well as "Pay by Space", can effortlessly be equipped with the needed insulation to properly work in extreme climates, making it widely usable, functional and practical.

Peter Klein, President of KLN (right) with Kevin DeLong of Impark (centre) and Marc Postlethwaite, Manager of Impark Suburban (Left) at time of parking meter pickup from KLN's premises.  Click to view larger image. After completing the engineering, KLN made a prototype of this parking meter. It met with Impark's approval and prompted them to contract KLN to build first a batch of 10, and shortly thereafter another batch of 15 units for market testing.

I thought I'd let you know that the first new parking meter just was installed this afternoon in downtown (Vancouver) and it seems to be working perfectly. It looks awesome! Thank you.
Marc Postlethwaite, Manager Impark Suburban.

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