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Vending Machines

Ticket Vending Machine Upgrade

LCD Module Upgrade.  Click to view larger image.

West Coast Express Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To replace an obsolete electroluminescent screen in the ticket vending machines with a modern, sunlight readable LCD screen.

KLN's Contribution:
As a sophisticated machine, the internal layout consists of many different types of equipment carefully placed to combine user-friendly positioning of buttons, screens, ticket exits, etc. with efficient manufacturing and thermal management. This leaves little space to replace existing equipment with something of a different form factor. Therefore the design challenge was not only to find an up to date alternative to the obsolete display, but an alternative of almost identical screen size and also fitting into an irregularly formed space. Further to these requirements, the interfacing of the new display panel was not to require any changes to the existing software and was to minimize electrical interface problems.

The first step of the solution was careful CAD modelling of the available space structure. The second step included CAD modelling of potential new equipment. Then a configuration of the new equipment was designed to fit everything into the very limited space available, considering thermal issues, mounting issues as well as wiring issues. Design considerations also included safety for the high voltage wiring, security and strength against vandalism, and ease of installation. A design solution was found as illustrated in the pictures. After prototypes verified the validity of the solution, KLN manufactured, preassembled, and supplied several sets of retrofit kits to the service team of West Coast Express.

Pieces of the LCD assembly.  Click to view larger image. Assembled installation kits.  Click to view larger image.

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