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Mall Walk Kiosk

Picture of Welcoming Kiosk Screen. Click to view larger image

Great Lakes Crossing Mall, Michigan, USA

Client's Request:
To assist in building a loyalty Mall Walk Program.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Design and software coding of the loyalty Mall Walk Program.

Detailed Outcome:
A system was designed that worked with a PC, a touch screen and a magnetic card reader, all located at the customer care center of the mall. The touch screen monitor greets visitors and shoppers with an inviting picture, stimulating their curiosity about the loyalty program.

Screen Explaining the Loyalty Program. Click to view larger image. Touch buttons guide to:

  • Learn about the Mall Walk Program
  • Sign up
  • Register miles for a particular walk
  • Look up own Mall Walk Miles account
  • Redeem miles for current special offers

Members of the Mall Walk Program are given magnetic encoded cards, which they swipe each time they visit the mall, receiving in return "mall walk miles". The card also allows them to access their personal rewards account. Each added mile, takes them further on a pre-chosen tour of Michigan offering reward coupons printed at specific tour points, and to enter into a grand prize draw at the completion of the tour.

The program was designed and implemented in such a way, that it is highly flexible and allows the mall staff to perpetually create always new and exciting different ways to attract and reward mall customers. In order to easily switch the kiosk's operation from being accessible by mall customers to being only accessible to mall staff (for maintenance and update purposes) KLN additionally custom designed and manufactured the keyboard splitter shown below.

  Custom Designed and Manufactured Keyboard Splitter, click to see larger image   Another view of the Keyboard Splitter, click to see larger image  

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