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West Coast Express Station.  Click to view larger image.

West Coast Express Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To expediently close a security gap in outdoor cabinets that were subject to unauthorized entry.

KLN's Contribution:
Assessing the possibilities and risks to overcome the existing security measures. Subsequently a strategy and technical implementation was devised by KLN to significantly reduce the identified security risks. This included creating mechanical drawings to use in demonstrating the various techniques used for entry, as well as to ensure dimensions for metal fabrication.

Details and Outcome:
A number of freestanding cabinets were equipped with door locks which proved to be vulnerable to break-in attempts. To minimize damage from such activities, KLN undertook to study how past break-in attempts were performed and how one could expect future attempts take place. For obvious reasons we refrain from providing details, but the measures taken included electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, metal fabrication, and field installation of parts and devices. So far, over the course of two years, these counter-measures have resulted in the apprehension of perpetrators and minimizing the damaging effects of break-in attempts.

For an engineered solution to increase the security of your exposed equipment, please contact KLN at 604-530-1491.

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