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Parking Meter Controller

Picture of Parking Meter Controller.  Click to view larger image.

Park Ur Self Systems Inc. - Petaluma, CA

Client's Request:
To develop a central unit to control the complete working of a parking meter.

KLN's Contribution:
Electronic and mechanical design of the controller and manufacturing of several batches of 50 to 75 units.

An electronic module was designed that controls all the other modules of the parking meter (credit card reader, display, printer, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, and coin return.

Testing of Controller Boards.  Click to view larger image. After successful testing by our client, KLN got contracted to manufacture several batches of 50 to 75 units, until Park Ur Self found a local manufacturer in California to custom build these controllers.

Just recently, eight years after having designed this parking meter controller, KLN was asked to find out what was wrong with a brand new batch of units manufactured in California, which were not working properly. It was only then, that we found out to our delight, that the parking meter for which this controller had been designed, and which is still being manufactured, is controlled today by exactly the same unit as originally designed by our company almost a decade ago.

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