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Special Dehumidifier for Boats and Yachts

The new, re-engineered Dryzone Dehumidifier for Boats and Yachts. (Photo courtesy of Dryzone). Click to view larger image.

Dryzone Repair and Service:   KLN now repairs and services the Dryzone dehumidifier units. Click for details.

Dryzone Systems Inc. - Delta, B.C.

Client's Request:
To fully re-engineer a preliminary Dryzone dehumidifier unit for improved reliability, looks, serviceability, ease of installation, and to make it cost efficient and conducive for large scale manufacturing.

KLN's Contribution:
Electronic and mechanical engineering, firmware development, and re-design of the complete unit, building three prototypes for extensive testing, and manufacturing a first batch of twelve commercial units.

Details and Outcome:
A clever inventor had found an elegant technological solution to eliminate the age old problems caused by moisture on boats and RVs, namely fungus growth (mold), mustiness, dampness and corrosion. He built and sold several dehumidifier units of his proprietary design before, unfortunately, passing away.

One of the principals of Dryzone Systems Inc., a good friend of this inventor, had promised him to build on the legacy of his patented work to help support the inventor's family. With the vision of capturing a large market, Dryzone drafted a requirements profile, which included higher reliability, design for efficient and large scale manufacturing, smooth upgrading possibilities to interface to future accessories, ease of installation, uncomplicated service, and last but not least, an appearance to reflect its value and fitness for the classy environment the product was and is intended to work in (million dollar yachts). Dryzone then contracted KLN KLEIN Product Development Inc. to do this re-engineering work.

New, partially assembled dehumidifier unit. Click to view larger image.

The original aluminum construction gave way to stainless steel, to ensure the product would look and perform as new, even after many years in the often salt laden marine environment. All electronic circuits were carefully calculated to withstand worst case conditions protecting against power surges and short circuits, and they were sized to endure the hottest and coldest climate to be expected.

Under the governing principle of safety, careful consideration to component selection, circuit board layout, and wire routing was given, as well as to insulation properties, and the potentially damaging effects of vibration and derating under certain environmental conditions. Then, the whole electronics was packaged as a pluggable module, to easily allow for software upgrades.

Through the choice of modern PTC heaters, the Dryzone unit got intrinsically safe heating elements that allowed the design to eliminate secondary devices such as over-temperature switches, reducing not only the parts cost, but also saving significantly on assembly labour. In the interest of reliability, the arrangement of sensors and particularly their selection was revised to reduce the chance of component tolerances and material inconsistencies playing a degrading role. Additionally, close attention was given to the arrangement of fittings for hose connections, so that the ease of installation would not be compromised and internal filters could be added, extending the service life of the active air drying media (desiccants).

As soon as the design was completed, three fully functional prototypes were built in KLN's premises, and underwent rigorous testing in KLN's lab. Additionally, these three prototypes with different colours and finishes, allowed Dryzone to decide on the most desirable look. Dryzone then gave KLN the order to manufacture twelve units. The first two were sent to an independent outside testing house (Intertek) to receive UL and CSA approval (the testing passed with flying colours and the approval was granted). The other ones made their debut at the 2008 Seattle Boat Show, attracting a lot of attention from boat owners and bringing in firm orders for Dryzone.

Once installed in any confined space (boat, RV, etc), the Dryzone dehumidifier unit runs quietly and removes the moisture in the boat or RV, even the moisture trapped in the furnishings, to a pre-set level. In that regard, it works similar to a thermostat, cycling automatically on and off to maintain the pre-selected humidity level. It is energy efficient and can run unattended through the off-season with no maintenance required.

Dryzone Repair, Service, and Support:

KLN is pleased to offer repair service for the Dryzone series of dehumidifiers. If your Dryzone DZ35 or DZ35-M2 needs repairing, please contact us at 604-530-1491 to arrange repairs for your unit.

New!: We have high reliability replacement fans available. If your Dryzone fans don't spin up, give us a call.

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