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Electronic Prototyping Services

Between the release of the engineering documentation and the actual commencement of production of an electronic product lies a phase (prototyping phase) in which the product must prove itself. Product changes are frequent at this stage. Therefore, flexibility and speed are of utmost importance.

How can this desired flexibility and speed be achieved if multiple subcontractors are involved: one manufacturing the circuit boards, another one doing the circuit board assembly, and a third one fabricating required wire harnesses?

Many years ago KLN recognized that the coordination of multiple subcontractors requires more effort and produces longer lead times than controlling most of the production activities in-house.


Therefore, we offer:

  • Through-hole assembly
  • Surface-mount assembly
  • Cable or wire harness fabrication
  • Fibre optic termination
  • Product assembly
  • Pre-compliance EMI testing
  • Complete product testing

Additionally, at KLN the design engineers are in the same building as the individuals procuring parts and the individuals assembling components into subassemblies. If procurement finds that a part is temporarily unavailable, the engineers are right on hand to authorize a good substitute or even modify the circuit when tight timelines demand it. Likewise, when the assembly process reveals unexpected hurdles, the design engineers can step in immediately to resolve electrical or mechanical issues. No back and forth between various subcontractors. Everything is geared to get your prototype done to specifications, on time!

If your product requires Electro-Magnetic Compliance (EMC), it will have to go through an accredited Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) testing. This can be an expensive and time consuming exercise if the prototype does not pass and has to be sent back from the accredited test lab to engineering for redesign. Therefore, we offer pre-compliance testing with specialized EMI testing equipment. This greatly increases your product's likelihood of passing the first round testing when sent to the accredited lab, while minimizing delays.

Examples of Printed Circuit Boards and a Face Plate

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an impression of our engineering, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities and check out the unique integration advantage we can bring to your project.

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