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Mechanical Prototyping Services

In order to be a one-stop product development and prototyping centre, we offer the necessary knowledge and infrastructure to cover a wide variety of production processes and manufacturing techniques. These include:

Milling on the 4-axis CNC vertical machine centre

Machining Operations, like milling, turning, grinding, cutting, etc., which take a block of material and shape it into a solid 3D part within tolerances prescribed by the engineering drawings.

Fabrication Techniques, such as cutting, drilling, punching, blanking, bending, thermo-forming, welding, gluing, etc., which are typically used to build chassis and enclosures out of metal or plastic sheet material.

Casting and Molding, typically used for intricately shaped parts. These techniques take raw material in a liquid state (like molten metal or plastic, or two component plastics that react with each other) to fill a mold. Once the material has solidified, it gets removed from the mold.

Surface Finishing, like sanding, painting, powder coating, screen printing, etc, which give protection and external finish to parts.

Parts Assembly, including the integration of electronic assemblies (see electronic prototyping services).

Testing of the complete and finished product, including load and mechanical stress tests, maintenance of tolerances, correct functioning over relevant temperature ranges, etc. (see product testing services).


KLN's shop is equipped with all the necessary tools and machines to perform the above mentioned services. Our larger equipment includes:

  • 4-axis CNC vertical machine centre
  • Manual milling machine
  • Several lathes
  • 70 ton press brake
  • Several types of welders
  • Plasma cutters
  • Punch Press
  • PEMserter
  • Sheet metal roller
  • Drill presses
  • Sandblast cabinet
  • Powder coating equipment
  • Specialized ovens
  • Mixing machines to process rapid prototyping engineering resins
  • Spray paint booth.

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an impression of our engineering, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities and check out the unique integration advantage we can bring to your project.

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