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Field Installation Services

Installation of ticketing kiosk at client's site

Industrial equipment and products often require installation assistance in order to make it easy and convenient for the end buyer of the equipment. Furthermore, training the end user in the handling and maintenance of the product may be desirable or necessary to achieve market penetration and acceptance. If offered, both of the above are usually undertaken by the seller of the industrial equipment or product.

To support our clients in this endeavour, we offer installation and training assistance for the products we have been contracted to design and manufacture. We have:

  • travelled locally, regionally, and overseas to support the installation of these products
  • written product manuals
  • produced product specific training materials and course curricula
  • conducted training sessions and seminars at our own and our clients' offices.

If equipment is for use in remote locations, we can build in capabilities for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. PC-based equipment can be set up to display the same screen to someone on-site and/or someone thousands of kilometers away. Software changes and upgrades can be handled the same way, eliminating the need for costly travel.

Please visit our Portfolio section to gain an overview of the diversity of equipment we have been contracted to manufacture for different clients and check out the versatility advantage we can bring to your project.

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