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Infrared Camera Calibration

Picture of the Infrared Camera Calibration Device, click to view larger image ASC AVCAN Systems Corp. - Vancouver, BC

Client's Request:
To provide an infrared camera calibration instrument for field use.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual and detailed design of the instrument (incl. software), and mechanical and electronic construction of the battery powered IR calibration device.

Detailed Outcome:
The infrared camera was part of a helicopter based sensitive system. Acquiring pixel by pixel accurate temperature information necessitated periodic recalibration of the camera's sensor array prior to each flight.

  Open Camera Pod with Daylight and IR Camera Showing. Click to view larger image   Calibration Radiator (Left) and Adapter Piece (Right). Click to view larger image   Closed Camera Pod. Click to view larger image  

Protectively packaged in a canister for transport, the IR camera calibration device fits against the optical window of the IR camera to supply controlled radiation from a black body emitter to the IR camera's array sensor.

Injecting Rubber Compound for an Adapter Piece. Click to view larger image

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