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Blister Packaging De-nester and Separator

Picture of the blister denesting machine. Click to view larger image.

Graph Tech Guitar Labs - Delta, BC

Client's Request:
To design and build a machine to automate the de-nesting of stacked blister pack inserts.

KLN's Contribution:
To develop a conceptual solution through iterative experiments and design variations, followed later by constructing a practical apparatus.

Background and Outcome:
To achieve high packing density for low shipping costs, blister packaging inserts are stacked tightly by the manufacturer. When attempting to de-nest (separate) an individual blister from the stack, the pronounced geometric features tend to cause individual blisters or inserts to strongly adhere to their neighbouring inserts. While attempting to peel them apart, deformation of the blister inserts occurs and aggravates the separation process. This is particularly the case when the separation forces are not introduced at favourable places.

By identifying those spots conducive to assist blister separation and directing forces appropriately, the new machine is able to combine a favourable separating mechanism with the ability to present each individual blister in the packaging line with high reliability and ergonomic elegance.

Picture of the programmable logic controller (PLC). Click to view larger image. Picture of the blister denester up closer. Click to view larger image.

Peter Klein, President of KLN, demonstrated the machine in operation: Click here to view the video.

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