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Train Latch

CP RAIL, Coquitlam, B.C. Picture of Securing Latch. Click to view larger image

Client's Request:
To come up with a more durable securing latch for the Sensing and Braking Unit (SBU) of their trains.

Overview of KLN's Contribution:
Re-engineering of the original manufacturer's latch as well as design and machining of all the tooling required for the new latch's manufacturing process. Then, over a few years, production of several thousand of the new securing latches in batches of 50 to 500 units each.

Detailed Outcome:
The Sensing and Braking Unit (SBU) of a train is an expensive monitoring device attached to the end of the last train car. It continuously measures the pressure in the braking system and transmits this value to the train's engineer in the locomotive, alerting immediately of any unsafe values. The SBU is secured against loss and theft with a latch (SBU latch).

CP Rail was running into the problem that the latch provided by the original manufacturer was continuously breaking. After analyzing such a latch, a number of small but relevant design improvements were applied by KLN's team and a heavier gage stainless steel material chosen for its manufacturing. Then KLN designed and produced the necessary tooling and has since been manufacturing these SBU latches not only for CP Rail, but through this client's recommendation also for CN Rail and BC Rail.

  Picture of Tooling Components for SBU Latch. Click to view larger image   Picture of Assembled Tooling for one of the Manufacturing Steps of the SBU Latch. Click to view larger image  

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