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Speed in today's world is often the key to success. Unfortunately, product development is usually associated with a long, painful process that, depending on the complexity of the project, can take years. This does not need to be the case. The KLN approach gets you going quickly, inexpensively, and with confidence.

Take for example the development of the Parking Meter Model 400, which we developed and manufactured for Impark in 1994. From the first meeting with our client to delivery of the first four ready-to-install units took us only three and a half months! This parking meter has been installed in thousands of locations all across North America and is still being manufactured today the same way it was originally designed and built by us more than a decade ago!

Another example is the Helicopter Vibration Isolation Platform designed and built for AVCAN Systems Inc. in only five days (which included a weekend), to assist our client in fulfilling a critical, time-sensitive contract.

In a number of occasions, we also have provided our clients within a few days with specifically required technical trade show props that suddenly became desirable for a successful product presentation. Examples of these are:

Picture of light pole.  Click to view larger image. Picture of Robot Stand.  Click to view larger image.

The stand for the demonstration of a light pole (left picture above), and a special base plate with chain support posts for a safety fence around a SCARA robot (right picture above). Both items were designed and manufactured for AltaStream Control Systems within days of their trade show commencing.

Clients are often delighted and surprised by our flexibility and ingenuity. We are set up and have the resources to provide you with fast, reliable technical solutions.

To see your ideas evolve rapidly into a tangible, reliable product contact us at no obligation.

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