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Robotic System: Automated Brush Trimmer and Flagger

Picture of Brush Trimmer and Flagger Robot.  Click to view larger image.

Valley Brush Corp. - Abbotsford, BC

Client's Request:
To fully automate the trimming, flagging and combing in the manufacturing process of special brushes used in the truck maintenance industry.

KLN's Contribution:
Contract engineering and building of robotic brush trimmer and flagger.

The robotic brush manufacturing station is approx. 9ft. long, 5ft. wide and 6ft. high. It comprises a controller compartment (with a 5 axis servo-controller, power supply, monitor and keyboard) and four individual work stations. First is a trimming station. Then follows a coarse flagging station, where the brush bristles get split. The third station contains a customized flagger which assures the unique softness of the bristle ends, for which the client is renowned. The fourth station is a comber, which straightens the brush bristles. An end effector that moves in X, Y and Z direction and that additionally can rotate in the horizontal and one vertical plane, holds the brushes with an attached pneumatic gripper and takes them automatically from station to station. These tasks were previously performed manually, presenting a high risk for the operator's hands, as each brush had to be held dangerously close to the rotating knife sets of the flaggers.

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