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Chemical Analyzer - World's First Simultaneous Chlorine & Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer

Picture of CLOTAN ® III.  Click to view larger image.

Multifibre Process Limited - Surrey, B.C.

Client's Request:
To codevelop a new chemical analyzer (CLOTAN ® III) capable of finally measuring simultaneously Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide in aqueous and/or gaseous applications.

KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual design, electronic engineering, software development, mechanical design, and prototyping of the first industrial Clotan III unit.

One of the many challenges to be overcome was the fact that the molecules of Chlorine absorb the light in the same spectral range as the molecules of Chlorine Dioxide. Therefore, regular spectrometers had so far not been able to identify specifically the existence and concentration of each of these chemical elements in a given solution. Through combination of state-of-the-art electro-optical technologies with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms a technological breakthrough was achieved, allowing finally to automatically measure Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide simultaneously in liquids or gases.

Simulated Instruments on Touch Screen.  Click to view larger image.

After eight intense months CLOTAN ® III was ready for demonstrations and testing. It is an industrial analyzer capable of measuring even in extreme low concentrations. Designed to withstand harsh plant environments, it works for extended periods of time without any maintenance. Clotan III operates completely automated with periodic self-cleaning and self-calibration and has a self-diagnostic routine that automatically alerts the operator in case of malfunction.

The analyzer's high resolution LCD touch screen display and the onboard pentium class controller with its embedded software gives great flexibility. The system can be adapted to virtually any process environment and can be programmed to suit different ranges of gaseous or aqueous solutions. Large, simulated instruments combined with numerical digital indicators make reading and interpreting the measured values fast and easy.

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