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Custom PCB Disassembly Tool

PCB Removal Tool.  Click to view larger image.

Versatile Automotive Diagnostics - Surrey, B.C.

Client's Request:
To create a production tool that allows the efficient disassembly of a delicate SMT circuit board from a connector which is moulded into a thermoplastic housing.

KLN's Contribution:
The client's product, a diagnostic tool for high performance automotive engines, required the exchange of an existing connector to accommodate expanded functionality. Due to the connector being moulded into the front piece of the enclosure of the diagnostic tool, attempts to separate the circuit board from the connector typically failed. The reason was that the enclosure material is thermoplastic, so the heat of a conventional soldering iron would practically always lead to either uncontrolled deformations of the housing area around the connector or damage would occur to the delicate surface mount circuit board.

To overcome the challenge, KLN designed and constructed a jig that captures and fixes all relevant components and applies the heat for de-soldering to all of the connector pins simultaneously in such a controlled way that, with an almost 100% yield, the pieces come apart and can be re-used.

Details and Outcome:
What started as a jig worked so well that it quickly turned into a production tool. Furthermore, the procedure takes very little time, which makes this exercise in recycling economically viable.

Custom assembly and disassembly tools make many complex jobs faster, easier and reduce the risk of damage. To discuss your own needs for assembly and disassembly jigs, feel free to call KLN at 604-530-1491.

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