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Guitar Pickup Response Tester

Guitar Pickup Tester.  Click to view larger image.

Graph Tech Guitar Labs - Delta, B.C.

Client's Request:
To provide a test jig to qualify the response characteristics of piezoelectric pickups for guitar strings.

KLN's Contribution:
The test jig pictured here was designed to test different types of piezoelectric pickups used with electric guitars. The pickups differ in housing styles, sensitivity and response characteristics. These pickups are routinely produced in-house by Graph Tech. Due to manufacturing tolerances, Graph Tech needs to qualify and measure each pickup produced and supply it with data that allows the musician to replace a pickup without noticing a change in the instrument's sonic characteristics. To achieve this, KLN designed and constructed a test jig which emulated the static pressure of a guitar string and then applied vibrational stimulation to the pickup over a wide range of applicable frequencies.

Details and Outcome:
The test jig was designed to save employee time by allowing loading of the guitar pickups to be tested and unloading of the tested devices, while at the same time evaluating the device under test. Further to this, the design considers future expansion to automate several of the steps involved under computer control.

Guitar string pickup tester oblique view.  Click to view larger image. Guitar pickup tester front view.  Click to view larger image.

Custom test and measurement jigs save a lot of time and improve measurement consistency. Please call KLN to discuss your own testing needs.

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