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Scanner Holder - Versatile Vehicle Mounting Holder for Warehouse Scanners

Picture of Scanner Holder. Click to view larger image.

Canadian Inventory Management Systems Ltd. - Langley, B.C.

Client's Request:
To design, prototype and manufacture a swivel-base vehicle mounting holder for Intermec 2415 RF scanner, that could easily and safely be attached onto forklifts, tow-motors, pallet jacks and other mobile equipment.

KLN's Contribution:
Conceptual and detailed design of holder with swivel-base, prototyping and manufacturing of 25 units.

The product's requirements demanded a versatile mounting solution for the diverse mobile equipment used in warehouses. At the same time the complete holder had to protect the valuable scanner against bumps and shocks and allow the scanner to be easily removed for portable use. These requirements were met through the following solutions:

The base of the holder is designed as a durable polymer boot that resists abrasion and harsh treatment and includes a built-in vibration isolation. Custom-made, ball-shaped shock mounts in an elastomer material protect the scanner against damaging shocks on rough flooring. A ball joint allows the holder to rotate a full 360 degrees and to tilt to 45 degrees in all directions for optimum viewing angle in any light condition. At the same time, special springs in the ball joint area make it very easy to adjust the holding force of the upper holder over a full turn of a lock nut.

Solid Model of Base. Click to view larger image.

Picture of Custom-Made Shock Mounts. Click to view larger image.

Picture of Polymer Boot with Built-In Vibration Isolation. Click to view larger image.

A versatile mounting assembly permits to attach the swivel-base scanner holder onto a horizontal, a vertical, or an overhead surface. The receptacle, into which the scanner gets placed, swivels. Once the scanner sits in the receptacle and is pushed back at the top it automatically gets retained by a latch that keeps it firmly in place. An ergonomically placed release lever allows for easy and fast release of the scanner which flips forward.

This scanner holder was presented at a trade show and was so well accepted, that CIMS requested KLN to additionally design and prototype a similar swivel-base holder to accommodate a different, larger scanner using the same conceptual solutions.

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