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Bicycle Lockers

Bike Lock CAD Assembly.  Click to view larger image.

West Coast Express Ltd. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To reduce damage to bicycle lockers and minimize the risk of vandalism and theft.

KLN's Contribution:
As a service to the ridership, West Coast Express provides a number of storage lockers for bicycles. The area where padlocks secured the doors proved to be insufficiently fortified. Extreme handling or deliberate attempts to cause damage could bend the locking area significantly. The result of the damage would often block the door from opening far enough which made it difficult to get bikes in and out of the lockers.

Details and Outcome:
Due to the large size of the lockers, it was impractical to ship them back to KLN's shop and make modifications to them. Therefore the challenge was to create a design solution where parts could be machined and fabricated at KLN's shop and then field installed. The solution came in the form of carefully designed interlocking brackets and spacers that could be mounted by only employing the use of hand tools. An added benefit was in the forming of an external bracket that covered part of the padlock which reduced the ease of tampering with the security device.

Bike Lock CAD View.  Click to view larger image. CAD Wireframe View.  Click to view larger image.

Security is something everyone is concerned with. Please call us to upgrade your designs for improved security.

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