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Transit Ticket Printer

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Park Ur Self System Inc. - Petaluma, CA

Client's Request:
To design and prototype a ticket printer for special buses in Los Angeles, that would issue programmable transfer tickets. Severe space restrictions had to be considered, yet a fully working prototype was delivered within four weeks.

KLN's Contribution:
Electronic, software and mechanical design, prototyping and manufacturing of 17 units.

The electronic, software and mechanical design was completed within three weeks and a week later a fully functional prototype made out of ABS was delivered. After testing the product for several weeks, Park Ur Self requested KLN to integrate a display into the front of the housing and to increase the size of the ticket printer in order to allow for larger ticket stock storage. Within a month the product had been redesigned and two identical sheet metal prototypes (with a few plastic parts) had been built at KLN's shop. After another month of testing Park Ur Self contracted KLN to manufacture 15 ticket printers, which were successfully delivered 12 weeks later.

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