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Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console

Picture of Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console. Please click to see in more detail

iVALET Systems Inc. - Vancouver, B.C.

Client's Request:
To develop and manufacture a Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console for an innovative parking management system.

KLN's Contribution:
Detailed mechanical design, systems integration, and manufacturing of the complete prototype.

The console, an electronic equivalent of a well informed and helpful parking attendant, is equipped with full-colour LCD touch screen, printer, camera, speaker, and microphone. It offers parking patrons the choice of parking spots, based on vicinity to the desired destination and price, and then issues a ticket with the parking space assignment and the directions to easily locate that spot.

Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console in a parkade, picture reprinted with permission of iVALET Systems. Click to see larger picture.

The unit is robustly built, yet light-weight (aluminum construction), with a hinged access door that allows easy installation and maintenance of all the internal components while keeping them secure through a double-lock mechanism. All components mount very quickly, including a backlit sign at the front top of the console.

Peter Klein (left), President of KLN KLEIN Product Development with Alex Garden (right), CEO of of iVALET Systems Inc., click to see larger image

This Touch-Screen/Ticket-Printing Console is an integral part of the new generation of parking management system developed by iVALET, that makes hunting, waiting and fighting for a parking space obsolete, even during peak parking periods, (i.e. the Pre-Christmas Season).

KLN's turn-around time for this project (design engineering and manufacturing of the prototype console) was just five weeks. This was only possible through our in-depth expertise with industrial enclosures and human-machine-interfaces, particularly the prior experience with parking meters and vending machines (see other sample projects in this area like First Credit Card Accepting Parking Meter, Ticketing Kiosk, Transit Ticket Printer, or High Security Parking Meter), and our unique and tight integration of multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing in-house resources.

Working with KLN has been very beneficial. They immediately understood our needs and delivered exactly what we wanted, in a very short period of time.
Alex Garden, CEO of iVALET Systems Inc.

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